Biomedicine Seminar

Joint Seminars of the UZH Institute of Physiology, UZH and USZ Research Institutes at Schlieren Campus, the UZH Institute of Veterinary Physiology & the Swiss Institute of Allergy and Asthma Research SIAF, Davos

University of Zurich - Irchel, Institute of Physiology, seminar room Y23 K52, 12:00 - 12:45h  and by ZOOM


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Vyara Todorova, PhD cand.
Dept. of Opthalmology, USZ

Hypoxia in the retina: consequences for glycolysis, OXPHOS and cell survival


Jennifer Lake, PhD cand.
Physiology, Gr. Devuyst
Allelic and gene dosage effects play a major role in autosomal dominant tubulointerstitial kidney disease (ADTKD)


Lara Ogunshola, PD Dr. Veterinary-Physiology A central role for HIF-1 in pericyte-mediated cerebral vascular permeability


Stefano Ministrini, MD
Center for Molecular Cardiology
Role of JCAD in the pathophysiology of stroke


Kamal Hamid, PhD cand. Physiology, Gr. Wagner

Dietary phosphate: an abettor of inflammation and mortality in acute kidney injury


Willem van de Veen, PhD SIAF The role of B cells in the regulation of allergic immune responses


Elvir Becirovic, Prof. Dr.
Dept. of Ophthalmology, USZ
(Epi)genome editing for retinal gene therapy and beyond


Najmeh Kheram, PhD cand. Physiology, Gr. Kurtcuoglu Spinal cord compression as a model condition to study cerebrospinal fluid pressure physiology


Christelle Le Foll, PhD Veterinary Physiology Fatty acid sensing in the brain


Adam Majcher, PhD cand. Inst. for Clinical Chemistry SPLIS – Sphingosine Phosphate Lyase Insufficiency Syndrome


Beatrice Beck Schimmer, Prof. Dr. & Martin Schläpfer, PD Dr. Physiology/Anaes-thesiology, USZ From damage control to pre-emptive repair. Understanding the cellular crosstalk in accelerated liver regeneration.