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Institute of Veterinary Physiology


Biomedicine Seminar

Joint Seminars of the UZH Institute of Physiology, UZH and USZ Research Institutes at Schlieren Campus, the UZH Institute of Veterinary Physiology and the Swiss Institute of Allergy and Asthma Research SIAF, Davos

University of Zurich - Irchel, Institute of Physiology, seminar room Y23 K52, 12:00 - 12:45h  and by ZOOM


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28.02.23 Dominique Vanhecke, PhD Labortierkunde Refinement of tamoxifen administration in mice via encouraged voluntary consumptions of palatable formulations
07.03.23 Christelle Le Foll, PD Dr.
Inst. of Veterinary Physiology
Fatty acid sensing in the brain
14.03.23 Giulia Mazzini,PhD cand.
Inst. of Veterinary Physiology (Gr. Lutz)
Amylin: centrally mediated actions on metabolism and memory
21.03.23 Raghvendra Dubey, Prof. Dr., Dept. for Reproductive Endocrinology, USZ Estrogens and cardiovascular protection: The ups and downs and the future
28.03.23 Thomas Knöpfel, PhD Inst. of Physiology (Gr. Wenger) Reactivation of Epo-producing cells by HIF stabilizers in renal anemia
04.04.23 Christoph Messner, Prof. Dr. SIAF High-throughput proteomics for systems biology and biomarker discovery
25.04.23 Fangrui Xiu, MD-PhD cand., Clinic for Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology, USZ The role of lipids in the cellular uptake of drugs: the case of the organic cation transporter 2
02.05.23 Tilde Andersson, PhD cand., Inst. of Physiology (Gr. Schneider) Regulation of the small intestinal tuft cell – ILC2 circuit
09.05.23 Johannes Vogel, Prof. Dr. Inst. of Veterinary Physiology Hypoxia-Inducible Factors (HIFs) and dependent genes in altered gravity
16.05.23 Cristine Yde Ohki and Natalie Walter, PhD cands., Translational Molecular Psychiatry, USZ Investigating the cellular and molecular role of Wnt-pathway across neurodevelopmental processes in health and ADHD
23.05.23 Léticia Tavares Gomes, PhD, Inst. of Physiology (Gr. Hennet) The effect of bacterial sialidases on siglec recognition and their role during inflammation


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